At The American Outfits, we deeply value the confidentiality of your information. As such, we take rigorous measures to safeguard your private data during the checkout process.

Our Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how we handle the information we collect from our customers. We regularly update this policy to incorporate new changes and enhancements that are implemented to enhance your security and protection.

Information we request:

When you place an order or register on our website, we may collect certain details, including your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. It’s important to note that these details are only necessary during the registration and checkout process. Otherwise, you are free to browse and explore our products anonymously.

For payment processing, we utilize PayPal, ensuring that we do not handle or retain any of your financial information. Your financial details remain secure and are not accessible to us in any way.

Purpose of Information Collection:

We collect this information solely for the purpose of facilitating shipments and transactions. Once the payment is received, and the shipment is processed, our server automatically purges all the data gathered during the registration process. Any information provided during the transaction, such as customer contact numbers, email addresses, names, postal addresses, and other details, is strictly kept confidential and will never be shared, rented, sold, or leased to any third party. This information is exclusively utilized for internal purposes.

Why We Require Your Information:

When shopping online, it’s customary to collect certain customer details. In the event of a product purchase or newsletter sign-up, we gather globally recognized customer information, including demographics, legal name, a valid email address, preferred delivery destination, postal address, and a valid phone number. It’s important to note that customers have the option to browse our web store privately without the need for registration or sign-up.

Why We Gather Your Data/Information:

We collect user feedback and responses from our website to enhance both our user experience and the overall functionality of our online platform. Additionally, this data plays a crucial role in refining our products and services.

It’s important to emphasize that we do not transfer, sell, exchange, or disclose your sensitive data/information to third parties. The only information shared with a third-party courier service is your mailing address and phone number, which are necessary for the prompt and secure delivery of your purchased product to your designated destination.

How We Protect Your Data:

We use top-notch security practices to safeguard your personal information. Our secure server ensures data safety during your visit, login, or registration. When you make transactions, like providing credit card or PayPal details, we employ SSL encryption to protect your information within our suppliers’ payment gateway.

After a successful transaction, we do not store sensitive data like social security numbers or credit card PINs. We retain only essential data, such as your email, mailing address, and order history, in secure systems to simplify future purchases and access your previous transactions.

Do We Share Your Data/Information with Third Parties?

No, we absolutely do not sell, and will never sell, any of your data or sensitive information. This includes your email address, mailing addresses, credit card numbers, or any other personal data. However, we may share anonymized usage data with trusted third parties for secure marketing and advertising purposes.

How to Contact Us for Further Information:

For inquiries or concerns, customers can reach out to us via email. If you experience any losses, liabilities, damages, or expenses while using our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer care department using the contact details provided above.